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AVG (Australian Valve Group) has been designing and developing a range of heating control valves in Australia since 1995. With a nation-wide distribution network throughout Australia, AVG has achieved strong growth and market acceptance with innovative, patented products such as the Quickie Kit, TRI-SET Pressure Limiting Valves and MAXI stop.

Today, AVG is part of the Watts family of brands and we are proud to offer the highest quality products and solutions to our customers.


Standards | Australian Valve Group

AVG is constantly striving to meet the ever changing needs of the modern plumbing industry. We try to understand what the plumbers on the ground need to make their job quick and easy. To this end AVG has a dedicated product development team working to develop new and innovative products to satisfy the plumbers requirements and at the same time meet the stringent requirements of the relevant Australian Standards. Currently AVG has a range of valves and products which are approved to meet the requirements of the following Australian Standards:

  • AS 1357.1
  • AS 1357.2
  • AS 4032.1
  • AS 4032.2
  • AS 2845.1
  • AS 1628
  • AS 3688
  • ATS 5200.012

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