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Why partner with the brands of Watts? Simple.

We offer a comprehensive list of strengths you won't find anywhere else.

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Solutions by Market



Our complete heating and water management solutions provide safe, reliable hot water on demand while mitigating risks of illnesses due to Legionella and other waterborne bacteria.



Efficiency is at the heart of everything we do. We'll evaluate your property uncovering opportunities you may not even know exist.


Agriculture & Irrigation

Our companies design the highest quality solutions for delivering large volumes of water efficiently and protecting the public drinking water supply from fertilizers and pesticides.



No matter how big or small, we will partner with you to provide the highest efficiency heating and water management solutions for your office building-- earning you some valuable LEED points.



Educational facilities need to provide safe and easily maintained systems for a wide range of applications. Our solutions help save on energy and operational costs allowing more to be spent where it's needed most-- in the classroom.


Food & Beverage

Gas and water are at the heart of the commercial kitchen. Our complete offering of systems and solutions keep your foodservice operations running smoothly and securely while ensuring beverage machines deliver fresh, safe carbonated beverages, coffees, and teas day after day.


Government & Military

From firehouses and police stations to military bases and prisons, our easy to install and operate systems offer the compact footprints and high-efficiency energy savings ideal for smaller applications, with enough power to handle bigger load requirements.


Manufacturing & Industrial

Reliable and continuous water conveyance, while maximizing energy efficiency and conserving water, are challenges that Watts can help you achieve.



Marine environments require a tough and reliable set of solutions for applications ranging from recreational boating to large cruise and cargo ships. We’ve got you covered.


Multi-Family Housing

Apartments, high-rises, condominiums, and townhouses require reliable heat, domestic hot water and as much available space as possible. Our heating and hot water systems are the most compact in the industry-- leaving you with the difficult decision on what to do with that additional space.


Municipal Waterworks

Today’s municipal waterworks facilities are charged with safeguarding the public water supply, a responsibility that includes challenges ranging from proper conveyance of polluted water to replacing the United States’ aging water infrastructure.


Single-Family Housing

We offer a full suite of products and solutions for home safety, comfort, and energy savings.


Data Center Total Solutions

With accelerated construction of domestic information systems, data center buildings are on the rise.
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