We're at our best when we build systems catered to our customers' needs, utilizing parts and equipment specifically designed to work together. Our systems make water usage safer, cleaner, and more efficient because we design every component from the start.


Plumbing and Flow Control Solutions

Our systems are built to protect your customers from water contamination—whether nuisance, non-health hazard, or serious public health event. Our line of valves includes pressure relief, pressure reducing, mixing, and ball valves. See our plumbing and flow control solutions here.


Rainwater Harvesting

We design and manufacture the most efficient solutions to capture the only commodity for which there is no economic alternative—water. See our line of valves engineered to simplify rainwater harvesting here.

HVAC control category

Temperature Control Systems

Built for comfort, our temperature control systems help regulate operations with the goal of maximizing efficiency, system performance, and safety. See our HVAC solutions here.