Water Pressure Reducing Valves

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How They Work

Water pressure reducing valves are typically installed on the building supply main in homes and businesses. They automatically reduce the pressure to a more suitable level for the plumbing fixtures and appliances within the building.

Some water pressure reducing valves are used to reduce pressure at the point-of-use. FiltaMate is an example of an inline pressure reducing valve designed to protect downstream appliances such as water filters, water dispensers, ice makers, coffee machines and reverse osmosis machines.

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Every Drop Counts

High water pressures waste water. Here's how water pressure reducing valves can help:

  • Water Savings: A much higher volume of water flows through a system at 1000 kPa versus 350 kPa. Much of this additional water is wasted and not needed for normal usage.
  • Energy Savings: A slower flow rate can save as much as 30% on water heating costs.
  • Wastewater Savings: When the community's wastewater treatment load is reduced, cost benefits accrue to both the environment and your bottom line